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Home Made Infused Sweet Cream Butters

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Local Honey and flavorful cinnamon in a perfect blend. One of our top sellers! Careful, you might get hooked!

Old Fashioned Strawberry Butter, Sweet Orange Butter and Blueberry Butter

You want something try something new on your toast or pancakes... tempt yourself with one one of our fruit butters. Sweet flavors of fruit blended with sweet cream butter melt deliciously over your morning toast.

SunDried Tomato with Bacon Butter

Who can go wrong with bacon? Tomatoes, bacon, garlic and herbs combine into an irresistable pleasure. No more boring Chicken Breasts for you anymore! Add it to a mixture of pasta, fresh vegatables and sauted chicken breast for a light and healthy meal, or just spread onto a piece of warm fresh bread to compliment your meal.

Feta Cheese Butter and Blue Cheese Butter

Butter infused with these cheeses it a surprising pleasure. You wonder why even the most skilled cook can't seem to make a steak as good as those fancy restaurants? They melt a pat of butter over it right before serving. Try these butters on your steak and you will be amazed! 

Herb Butter

A blend of secret herbs with a splash of white wine and a small pinch of garlic is a divine combination. Melt this on top of your corn on the cob instead of boring butter for a melt in your mouth combination.

Chipotle Butter

Prefer a little "warmth" to your food? Saute, braze or simply add a little zing to a grilled cheese sandwhich with the infused chipotle and other spices in this butter!

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