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Flea Market FAQ's

1. Are pets allowed?

  • Due to insurance regulations pets and/or the sales of any live animals are NOT allowed.

2. What is your rain policy?

  • Davis Flea Market always tries to be open as scheduled. We suggest you bring a tent or plastic tarp for rain delays. Staff will watch radar and attempt to keep guests and vendors informed. Our experience is once the weather clears the shoppers will come out, and those who endure have a great sales day. Davis Flea Market does not issue rain checks or booth refunds due to inclement weather.

3. Do I need South Dakota Sales Tax ID?

  • If you are a frequent seller you need to contact the South Dakota Department of Revenue for a sales permit which will be required on your application. Their website is here: SD Dept of Revenue Business Tax Information If you sell only occasionally, for example you’re having a garage sale for cleaning out your attic – then no sales tax ID is required but you will be required to use your social security number on the application. Please verify all requirements with the State of SD.

4. What are your rules about garbage?

  • Vendors may put small trash items for example food and beverage wrappers into garbage cans. All merchandise boxes and large items must be taken away and disposed of by the vendors. NO dumping is tolerated. Please do your part to clean your booth area prior to leaving the market for day to keep our community clean.

5. As a seller am I required to sell all day?

  • The market requires all sellers to remain until 4:00 p.m. before break down. The Davis Flea Market has advertisements stating that we are open from 9:00 AM until 4:00pm – as a result, we have noticed that vendors that leave early will miss out on sales and customers will leave early if vendors are tearing down.

6. How long has the market been in business?

  • Davis Flea Market was originally established by a previous Davis business in 2001 and has been continued by our location to help bring tax money into our small town.

7. Does the flea market sell adult beverages?

  • Yes – The Solace Farm General Store and The Davis Bar are open during the DFM and both sell adult beverages.   There may also have wine tastings during the events and is sponsored by Budweiser. (Both locations are perfect places for husband sitting if it is helpful to you and your shoppers)

8. Are other businesses open during the flea market?

·        Solace Farm General Store is open with antiques, vintage, handmade and handcrafted items and homemade goods to take home. Ice cream, old fashioned candies, soda, coffee and fresh donuts are available there also! The American Legion serves pastries, coffee and lunches during the DFM. This helps to support the American Legion in our community.    

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