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Expansion & Construction Update

If you have met us you know that we like rescuing things, from the antiques that we enjoy to cold, abandoned cats (so glad that RoMeo"w" found a new family!) So it is no surprise that the building next door to the store which has a long history was how we planned to expand and grow.

Built from materials salvaged after the 1928 Tornado, this is a building that had to be rescued, not torn down.

This is a true labor of love. Love for history, Love for the town and the people of Davis, a Love for helping others by providing a place for people to sell their creations, and a Love for others by providing a service.

We have been paying for the expansion out of pocket avoiding interest and bank fees. We have also kept costs down by doing all of the construction ourselves, in our "spare time" (we still support our families with our full time jobs as well as run the store). This has been a challenge for us too since Kirk's (Popeye's) elbow was broken.

We are grateful for the support of others. Our family, friends, patrons, vendors. It is for you that we continue to strive to keep our dream of a successful business alive. If you would like to assist with the expansion with a donation, please click on the button below. All donations will be used on the expansion efforts. Thank you.

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