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Davis, South Dakota

Davis sunset, with the Davis elevator

Davis, SD was laid out and opened it’s first Post Office in November 1893.

The town was named for either Edna V. Davis, a local landowner, or J.A. Davis, owner of the local town site. [Federal Writers’ Project (1940), University of South Dakota]

The town was Incorporated in 1896

It's had many bumps and bruises over the years including a tornado and flooding. But this amazing little town is still going strong thanks to its fabulous residents and shoppers like yourself.

Town Icon: The Redneck Lawnmower!


The Town of Davis has had an icon in front of our old building that has drawn many a person to stop, giggle and have their picture taken with it - The Redneck Lawnmower!

One of the most valued residents in town, Howard Olson owned the property when it first was displayed as a joke by his friend Dick. Howard has been called home since that time and we all miss him terribly. But the Redneck Lawn Mower still stands as a tribute to the friendship shared and still brings a little giggle to Dick when you ask him about it. (Go ahead ask him, he just may tell you the story). In tribute to their friendship you can have a one of a kind t-shirt, or give one to your favorite Redneck!

Available ONLY at The Solace Farm General Store!

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